Dec 22

I walk across the living
room to get to our room. This outfit is gorgeous but it’s time to take it off,
feels like I’m suffocating. The door is hanging off its hinges. Got to get
someone to fix that now. Maybe I can hit up that boy, what was his name? I have
such a bad memory.  I really have to
clean my room. Clothes all over the floor, drawers half way out, holes in the
wall. I really do have to clean the walls soon or else they’ll stain and then I’m
going to have to paint over it. It’s been three days since the fight but I don’t
have the will to clean yet. Its been four years since I was lazy and I’m going
to take my time cleaning up. Kevin doesn’t mind anymore. He’s letting me be

Okay, my pj’s areeeee…aha,
underneath the pile of dvds on the floor. Stepping all over the clothes, I get
to my pj’s to change. One of Kevin’s shirts, a pair of sweatpants and I feel
free. I hang up my dress in the closet. At least that’s one less thing I have
to do. Tengo hambre, i should make breakfast. Let me ask Kevin if he wants
something. He’s been through a lot.

I finish trekking through the
horror of my room and step into the living room.

“Wow, it’s so dreary in here.
I don’t know how you always liked it like this Kevin. Makes everything look so
sad.”  I head to the the windows and open
up the black curtains. Light pours into the room. “Sooo much better. Makes the
place more warm and inviting.” Not that we ever had company anyway. You never
wanted anyone around because this was “your space”. Well, that’s going to
change now, just have to fix up the place. I head to the kitchen and open the
fridge. I grab the eggs, milk, jelly and sausage. From the cupboard I get the
maple syrup, pancake mix, bowls and pans.

“I’m gonna make a feast for
us. I know you’re not that hungry but imam make a lil something for you. I’ll
eat the leftovers so if anything.”

I looked up from the
counter and I look at kevin. He’s so peaceful when he’s like this. I really do
have to start thinking about how to get rid of him. Him and the couch. He ruined
it with all the blood from the stab wounds. I was trying for him to fall to the
floor after he ran into the knife I was holding but no. Of course he has to
ruin something I like before he went to hell. I did get a little crazy on
stabbing him after the initial shock of what happened wore off. i did warn him i was going to use if he ever touched me again. I dared him. Of course he’d think i wasn’t going to do it. Oh well. Too
bad, so sad.

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