Dec 22


Wow, that train ride was fast. Usually it
takes forever to get home. Having my mind on that kid sure made time fly. If
Kevin only knew. It would be the shock of his life. The perfect slave he took
time to form and train has turned against him. Oh god, the beating I would have
endured. He’d probably kill me. Beat me to the point where I’d be
unrecognizable and then strangle me to death. Its funny how that’s in the past
now. I’m happyand he’s happy for me.

I get up  and walk
out of the train. When’s the last time I actually came home this late? When’s
the last time I actually been out, at all, by myself? I miss this. Being by
yourself ain’t that bad sometimes. I guess when your happy nothing seems bad.
Walking out the subway, I come out directly facing the sunrise. How beautiful it
is. New day, new beginnings, new life. Well…for some at least, I know it is for
me. Everything is funny to me now. I have to stop smiling or else my face is
going to stay like this. I laugh while I reach into my purse for my ipod and
headphones. Okay, headphones on , music playing, no one around, can sing out
loud. This is going to be a nice walk. As I walk the three blocks to the
apartment there’s no one in sight, I’m gonna pretend im a model right now. I sure
look like one. I’m never gonna hide myself again. No more bruises now. No
reason to hide. Kevin’s going to have to deal with it. Oh well, ipod play my

xzibit – runway walk

“the runway walk nananananana, nananananana
Let me see ur runway walk
Make your heels click
Make the runway talk, come on
Pretty ass women taking pictures
That never come outside until they look vicious, damn
What I gotta say to get a piece of that, damn

The way u walk in them heels, beyond sex appeal
Beyond any type of feeling you get by taking a pill
I don’t care of they’re real, could care less if they’re fake
I like the way that ur moving, the way your making it shake

Love the way that your dressing, god bless u girl
Now go show your sexy ass to the rest of the world”

I reached the door. “Nananananana, Nananananana.” Shaking my ass while turning the key in the lock. That song is so
much fun. I’m relieved I’m finally home though. Dios, I can finally take off these
heels. One by one I kick them off. I creep down the hallway , wondering if
Kevin is still where I left him. Just as I thought, same position and
everything, sitting at the corner of the couch with his eyes closed. Nothing can ever wake this man up when he’s sleeping.
“Morning Kevin! The story I have to tell you about the club. Tus oidos te van a doler
cuando termino.”

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