Dec 22

Thank God my hair was
straight. If I had actually styled it, Jenn could have plainly seen what went
on with this kid. He was walking me back to the club, holding me by the waist
again while kissing me all over my neck. I haven’t felt this alive and this
wanted in so long. Kevin made sure that my life was miserable and he was the
sole person that could make me happy. All I had to do was listen and do
whatever he said. If not a slap, punch, kick here and there would cure me from
my “laziness”. We reached the entrance to club. He put his back against the
wall and turned me around to face him. As I put my arms around his neck, his
hands reach down to grab my ass.  I put
my  hand in back of his head and bring
his lips down to mine. His lips are soft. Ayy que hombre el es.

Ma, I’ll I wanna do is get you back into that room.”

“Maybe, some other time. My friend is waiting
for me” I look down at the floor and smile. I don’t want him to see I’m blushing.
He brings his hand to my chin and gently  raises my face up to his.

“Don’t do that to me please.”

“Do what?” quizzically I respond.

“Don’t hide your smile away from me. It’s beautiful…you’re

It’s been so long since
I had a real reason to smile. That I’m actually smiling because I’m happy and
not because I’m pretending.. If this kid only knew what this “beautiful” body
has been put through. I wonder if he knew me earlier, if he had known about everything,
would he have stopped Kevin. What the hell are you doing? He’s a dumb kid, stop
thinking nonsense and enjoy the moment.

“Ya gonna me your number ? I
would love to keep in contact. Trust.”

“Ummm, how bout you give me your number?”

“You don’t think imma call you?” he chuckles “believe me
babe, I don’t wanna let you get away”

“It’s not that. I
don’t really have a phone at the moment so it be difficult to get in contact
with me. Just give yours.”

“Ahuh.  Listen if
you got a man or something , I don’t care. I rather be aware of the situation
in case anything happens. Yo ass is worth fighting for, believe that.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend, promise. Not
anymore. You don’t have to worry bout anything. Just give me your number and I’ll
call you.” I give him a punch on the shoulder. “stop being such a girl”

“Aight, its 212 476 38…”

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