Dec 22

Different colored lights
are flashing all around us. He sees me walking towards him and begins to walk
towards me. We meet and he said something to me that I couldn’t hear.  “HUH?” I yell out to him, hoping he heard what
I said. He puts his arms around my waist, leans down to my ear “You are
beautiful”. A smile appears on my face. I heard him that time.  “Thank you.” Those words haven’t been said to
me in so long. The honeymoon phase with Kevin was long gone and he never
complimented me anymore. Kevin made sure that there were no other men in my
world to tell me that too.

“I’m Matthew. What’s your name gorgeous?”

“Sasha” I gave him my alias.

“Beautiful name, for a
beautiful lady. Would you like to dance?”

“No, not really.” He looked surprised which
made me smile even harder. I reached for his neck and brought him down closer
to me. “I’d rather go somewhere where we could be alone.” That put a smile
right back on his face.

“That would be cool.”

He took my hand and
started to lead me to the entrance of the club. I looked back and saw Jenn
staring at me with her mouth wide open. Her faces are always so animated. She ‘s
the only one that can make me smile by doing nothing. She doesn’t realize what
she does which makes me smile more. We step out
into the real world. Cement floors, stores, the sounds of the trains and
car horns but we were still able to hear the loud techno music.

“ Where do you wanna go?”

“Come with me.” My
turn to drag you around. “My friend’s house is right around the corner.”

Matthew put his arm
around my shoulders as we walked. It felt good to be wanted, to be held. We
reached Jenn’s door and I got out the spare key she had given me so I could
come over and let myself in instead of her having to stop whatever she was
doing to let me in. I took his hand and lead him up to the stairs to
second  floor. As im trying to open her
apartment door, Matthew wraps his arms around my waist. God, he smells so good.

I got the door open and pushed him inside unto the closet
door. Walking inside, I shut the door behind me. We could still hear the music from
the club. He pulls me in close to him and kisses me. No going back now.

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