Oct 20

just trying it out.

Butterflies fluttered
Your benevolance they kiss
Slowly they decay


Heart at a weird pace
Such a quirky little thing
To just hear your name

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  1. 1 Pru
    4:00 am - 10-21-2011

    I likke the haiku….i thought of writing one about death but it didn’t work out….great job whole idea….love the last line they decay…

  2. 2 jenny abeles
    12:24 am - 10-26-2011

    the butterfly haiku is a nice death poem, butterflies eternally the image for ephemerality, it seems. Haikus are a beautiful form–so simple and striking. Keep working with them. I also really like your sonnet, and the form is pretty good. What I like most is the Spanglish–definitely keep doing this! Spanglish is destined to become a literary language, its transformation as such happening as we speak. You could be on the cutting edge of this. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were literary journals, perhaps online, dedicated to Spanglish literature–check it out, will you?

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