Oct 19

I am irrefutably gullible
Intoxicated with friendship and trust
Having to learn to be tolerable
Every time I get left in the dust

Espero que puedo cambiar pronto ( i hope to change soon)
Si no (if not), God knows what i’ll get myself in
I hear them calling me names like Tonto (idiot)
Start to cry and wonder where is my win

Have been nothing but an honest person
Described as good, kind, loyal, full of glee
Constantly left in rain, just forgotten
Don’t understand why I stay and not flee

Picked last to choose the cards that have been dealt
Regrettably got “Stay silent and help”

i thought i had done a shakespearean sonnet in my last sonnet but margarita help me realize i did it wrong. there’s suppose to be 10 syllables in every line. i hope i did it right this time.

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