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Sep 21

I’m known by many names. From extravagant ones like “Little One”, “Munchkin”, “Midget”, “Smurf”. To when I had my long hair I was known as “Pocahontas”, “Rapunzel”. To quirky one’s like “Mo’ Dollas”, “Monigga”, my middle name is Auxiliadora so if you break that down and translate it into English its “Help Dora”. By my family and few close friends I’m called “Mo” or “Moni”. My name is simply Monica and I’m just a student from Queens. HOLA…translation, HI!!

This will be my fifth and hopefully last year in Queens College. In my family I will be the first to go to college and actually graduate. Well, hopefully graduate…don’t want to jinx myself. My family, especially my mother is so proud I’ve made it this far. She herself went to college but unfortunately didn’t not finish. WHY, you ask. As she never fails to remind us just about every day in our lives, my siblings and I, I’ll make
sure not to fail to tell you. She didn’t complete college because she got pregnant.
Soooo instead of completing her classes, she opted to take care of us. Have I mentioned she NEVER fails to remind us? I did! Okay, well then you’ll hear it again just like I had for the past 22 years of my life.

My mother is an immigrant from Ecuador and finds education as EXTREMELY important. She explains that in her country, “yes the academic system is good, but in the United States its better”. She wants us to utilize all the opportunities we have as being born American that she and many others, as immigrants, do not. She wants us to excel in whatever we do in life, to do “whatever we want”. I put those words in quotes because “whatever we want” in her interpretation is getting a college degree. As long as we do that she’ll be happy. That and her finally owning a house she worked so hard for. Again, never failing to remind us how difficult things are for her because she’s not from this country and how easy it is for us because we’re “American”. Picture me saying “American” in high shrill squeaky voice.

In my blog I’m going to write all the little things that my mother complains about and some of her crazy actions. My mother is one hell of a woman. Good and bad.

All this Bruhaha is Tiring